I’m Ashkan Kazemi, a final year PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My advisors are Rada Mihalcea and Verónica Pérez-Rosas and I am member of the Language and Information Technologies (LIT) and Michigan Artificial Intelligence labs in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

My research interests are in natural language processing, computational social science, and complexity. My PhD dissertation focuses on using NLP to understand and limit misinformation on the internet. For a full list of publications please visit my Google Scholar page.

Prior to grad school, I was a Technical Team Leader (among other technical roles) at TAPSI, a ride-sharing company in Iran. I worked in multiple data-driven product teams, most importantly in pricing, dispatch and data infrastructure. At TAPSI I worked on a broad range of applied research questions in computational economics, namely supply/demand prediction, surge pricing, taxi dispatch algorithms and time-series analysis. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer/Software Engineering from University of Tehran.

I’m happy to chat about research (both my own papers and broader research in natural language processing, computational social, and misinformation), and graduate school, as well as other topics you think I can help with. Feel free to drop me an email.